Research Reports + Papers

Health Equity From the Inside Out: A Data-Driven Exploration of the Challenges and Best Practices for Operationalizing Health Equity written as part of the Health Equity Design Lab for the Center for Global Policy Solutions. 2017.

The Lifehack Flourishing Fellowship: New Methods for Sector-Wide Evaluations reports findings from an impact evaluation of a three-month accelerator for youth wellbeing professionals throughout New Zealand.

Thinking in Circles: Unraveling Complex Social Systems proposes the interaction loop as a critical unit of measurement for understanding, designing, and evaluating complex social systems. 2014.

HAITI: Creative Problem Solving in Complex Systems documents and investigates the impact of community development programs in Haiti. Co-authored with Garance Choko. 2013.

Contagious Logic links the spread of social diseases through crowds to grassroots organizing behaviors. Co-authored with Garance Choko & Eli Rosenbloom. Makeshift Magazine. 2013. 

Unwrapping Identity Online investigates identity constructions and expressions in the digital space among transnationals. 2010. 

Imagining a New State: Image and Activism in Iran tracks new media networks and modes of production and circulation in the context of mass media coverage of 2009's Iranian Revolution. 2009.

Postmodernity in Howl's Moving Castle uncovers how postmodernism emerges in very different ways in Diana Wynne Jones' 1986 classic children's fantasy novel and Hayao Miyazaki's anime adaption of 2005. Presented at the 2009 MLA Conference. 

Weights + Measures: A System of Relative Values lays out how Marina Zurkow's animation Weights + Measures has the potential to evolve into a data-driven exploration of relative measures, drawing on database aesthetics, the capacity for emergence in visual systems, and the unique properties of multi-stream visual storytelling. 2008. 

Globalization in Action: Avaaz presents the organization as a new application of globalization as a force in shaping global policy, informed by the modern technologies of network and hybridized identities. 2008. 

Cleaning Coal: The Battle to Rebrand Coal highlights the fierce battle to rebrand coal as "clean energy" as a means to peek into the manipulation of public sentiment via sophisticated media mechanisms. 2008. 

“Choosing Conflict Free” is a guide for consumers seeking to obtain a conflict free diamond with guaranteed origin without compromising quality or authenticity. 2008.

“Keeping Youth Safe: Strategies That Work To Prevent Violence” summarizes the discussions of more than 1,300 community leaders from Redding to San Diego at a statewide videoconference to discuss programs and public policies that prevent violence against young people. 2004.

“Getting the Grade” offers a set of frequently-asked questions to help explain standardized testing to parents/guardians and anyone who wants a simplified look at standardized tests. 2003.


"It's Not Real, It's Hyperreal." Medium (08/13/16).

"Why We Need a 'Growth Mindset' Civic Tech Culture." Civicist (06/09/15).

“Emerging Tools for Community-Driven Evaluations.” Stanford Social Innovation Review (05/28/15).

“Cracking the Black Box of Human Reasoning.” Stanford Social Innovation Review (02/10/15).

“New Ways to Evaluate Impact.” with Garance Choko. Stanford Social Innovation Review (01/24/14). 

"Doc U on the Road: Brooklyn, NY" International Documentary Association (12/13/11). 

"Vote4Africa: Powering Free and Fair Elections" Blue State Digital (02/17/11) 

"Celebrating The International Community" The International Center of New York (08/24/10) 

Mix Tape: Radio Eclectico KQED (05/23/09)

Cluster — on CD and on tour KQED (05/23/08)

Mix Tape: Bubblegum to Apocalypse KQED (04/27/08)

Jesse Ball: Samedi the Deafness KQED (04/19/08)

Modeselektor: Happy Birthday! KQED (04/18/08)

Mix Tape: The Kevin Bacon Game KQED (02/29/08)

The Films of Emile de Antonio KQED (01/07/08)

Bat For Lashes: Fur and Gold KQED (11/16/07)

The Comedy of SuperDeluxe KQED (10/13/07)

Mr. Fujiyama’s Electric Beach KQED (08/06/07)

Edward S. Curtis: The North American Indian KQED (07/06/07)

Space  Is Blue (and the Birds Fly In It) KQED (06/10/07)

In the Rough: Boom KQED (06/09/07)

Peter Bjorn and John at Bimbo’s KQED (06/01/07)

Red Books KQED (05/18/07)

Thursday Night Music KQED (05/11/07)

Terror! Conspiracy! Hoax! KQED (04/06/07)

Noise Pop: Hella KQED (03/07/07)

Bay One Acts Festival KQED (02/22/07)

Big Death & Little Death KQED (02/15/07)